Wedding Day Lashes

Wedding Day Lashes

Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Day with 3D Natural Mink Eyelashes

A wedding day is one of the most memorable days in a women’s life. Women like to go all out; they like to get beautiful and heavy dresses, like bold and glam makeup and so many other things. But no glam makeup is completed without eyelashes. However, some girls do not like wearing eyelashes because they feel uncomfortable. We at NikkiSmith are providing some of the most comfortable and natural eyelashesfor your wedding day.  

We make the simplest yet most elegant-looking eyelashes that will make you look more beautiful. Following are some of the fantastic benefits that you can get by wearing eyelashes.

Makes the Makeup Water Proof:

On your big day, there are a lot of emotions involved. Generally, women end up crying because of intense feelings. Therefore, no one likes to have smudged mascara all around their eyes. Opting for eyelashes in bridal makeup can be an excellent choice to prevent that. If you wear natural eyelashes on the wedding day, you don’t have to apply mascara. Hence, there will be no smudging and streaks of mascara tears on your face.

Adds glamour to your look:

If you want to look different from your everyday makeup, including lengthening eyelashes in your bridal makeup can be good. It will add more glamour and drama to your look. You will look like a new person and different from your usual self on your special day.

It makes the photos better:

In professional photography, you need to add extra makeup because the lighting and the editing washes out the natural makeup. Hence, bridal makeup is bolder and more glamourous. This is also why eyelashes are preferred in bridal makeup, as it enhances the eyes and makes them more beautiful in professional photography.


Here is the best eyelashes collection that might be the perfect fit for your wedding day. They will give you length and volume in the most natural way. Therefore, these are perfect natural eyelashes for brides.

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