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CEO of Nikki Smith Hair Collection

Nikki Smith is the founder and owner of Nikki Smith Hair Collection.

In 2018, Smith launched the onset of Nikki Smith Hair Collection that grew to touch many. Initially offering quality hair extensions and lashes, to expanding into national retail. Including selling Nikki Smith Collection products in Walmart and vending machines.

Smith encompassed innovation by staying current with products and providing options to her clients and customers. Having a one stop shop for top quality hair extensions and reputable products distinguished her brand, and increased her brand awareness through word of mouth and strategic marketing.

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Not only is Smith known as a reputable staple in the beauty community, she is also looked up to as a business reference and expert. Smith did not stop with hair products, she also offers self starter entrepreneurial options for women interested in joining the beauty industry. Her goal was not only to reach success, but to provide resources for others interested in doing the same. As a result, over one hundred women have launched their beauty business, and are on their way towards reaching success. Rapport driven customer service and having a distinct passion for helping women succeed, has drawn many women from around the world. Nikki’s charisma is unmatched and complimented by having a professional, yet relatable tone with all clients. She wants others to know that she is a testimony of what can be, and if she can do it so can you. Many respect and gravitate towards this way of thinking and feel safe working with Nikki knowing that her heart is for their overall growth and fulfillment.

It is remarkable how far Nikki Smith Hair collection has grown thus far, and serves as an indication of Smith’s drive and passion for elevation and inclusion. In the upcoming years, Smith plans to continue business expansion. The expansion will encompass growing a team of dedicated professionals, more hair extension types, hair care products, and lashes. Entrepreneurial options will continue to touch many and remain the heart of Nikki Smith Hair Collection. Nikki is living proof that the possibilities are limitless.

To learn more about Nikki Smith and her empire, please visit www.Nikkismithhaircollection.com.