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Nikki Smith Hair Collection

Hair Growth Oil

Hair Growth Oil

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Introducing the Nikki Smith Hair Collection, the perfect solution for achieving healthier, fuller, and thicker hair! Our Hair Growth Oil is specially formulated using natural botanicals, such as jojoba oil, rosemary oil, black cumin seed oil, black castor oil and coconut oil. This unique blend of ingredients nourishes hair follicles, stimulates new growth, and protects against damage. This product is suitable for all hair types and can be used 3-4 times each week on the entire scalp or 1-2 times daily on bald spots, thin edges or other problem areas. In as little as 3-4 months, you can expect to see fuller, healthier, and thicker hair in those trouble spots with consistent use. Our Hair Growth Oil is the perfect way to achieve the hair of your dreams.

Jojoba Oil: Strengthens hair and follicles. Protects hair against damage. Promotes hair thickness.

Rosemary Oil: Treats & Prevents dandruff. Improve blood circulation to scalp and hair follicles.

Black Cumin Seed Oil: Stimulates hair follicles. Reduces scalp inflammation. Soothes scalp irritation. 

Black Castor Oil: Deeply nourishes hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

Coconut Oil: Strengthens strands. Prevents breakage & split ends. Adds shine & softness.


The Benefits: 

Works For Men Beards

Thin Edges, Balding, Moisturizing Hair

Hair growth stimulator 

All natural ingredients 

Stronger Fuller Thicker Hair

Promotes thickness

Natural shine

Hydrates scalp and reduce dandruff 

Restores damaged hair follicles

Helps grow bald patches 

Helps with filling thin edges

Great for all hair types. 

Use 3-4 times weekly on entire scalp. 

You may use 1-2 times daily on bald spots, thin edges or other problem areas. 

Results vary by individual . Use as directed., you can expect to see results around 3-4 months with use of consistency. 


There are multiple ways to use this product.
Apply to scalp once a day everyday or every other day for best results.
Apply to scalp everyday or every other day when wearing protective styles (sewing, braids, locs, etc.) This product works great with protective styles.
You can also deep condition with this product by applying it to your scalp and the ends of your hair AFTER shampooing. Cover with a plastic cap for a minimum of 45 mins. The longer the better. Then shampoo  your hair to remove the product and style as desired. It will leave your hair super silky.



Black Cumin Seed, Jojoba oil, Jamaican Black Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Safflower oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, essential oil blend, vitamin e, fragrance 

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