How Many Bundles Do I Need for a Quick Weave Hairstyle?

How Many Bundles Do I Need for a Quick Weave Hairstyle?

Achieving the Perfect Quick Weave with Italian Curly Hair

If you're looking to switch up your hairstyle with a quick weave, the number of bundles you'll need depends on several factors, including the desired fullness and length. One hair type that's perfect for creating stunning quick weave styles is the Raw Hair Italian Curly from Nikki Smith Hair Collection.

The Raw Hair Italian CurlyRaw Hair Italian Curly is a premium, long-lasting curly hair extension made from single donor hair. It's tangle-free, sheds minimally, and can be bleached to a stunning 613 blonde shade. With a longevity of 24+ months, this hair is an excellent investment for those seeking a low-maintenance yet gorgeous quick weave style.

How Many Bundles for a Quick Weave?

For a quick weave hairstyle using the Raw Hair Italian Curly, you'll typically need 2-3 bundles for a full install. This number can vary based on the desired thickness and length, as well as your head size. However, most stylists recommend using 2-3 bundles to achieve a natural, full look without excessive bulk.

It's important to note that the Raw Hair Italian Curly is a high-quality hair extension that can last up to 2 years with proper care and maintenance. By investing in 2-3 bundles, you'll be able to create a stunning quick weave that not only looks fabulous but also retains its luster and curl pattern for an extended period.

Tips for Installing a Quick Weave with Italian Curly Hair

  • Properly prepare your natural hair by cleansing, conditioning, and detangling before installation.
  • Use a high-quality weaving cap or net to secure the hair extensions.
  • Follow the recommended hair care routine for the Raw Hair Italian Curly to maintain its curl pattern and longevity.
  • Consider bleaching the hair to a 613 blonde shade for a striking, eye-catching look.

With the Raw Hair Italian Curly and the right installation techniques, you can achieve a gorgeous, long-lasting quick weave hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go.

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