Five Tips On Spotting Great Quality Wigs


5 tips on spotting great wigs

The rave of women wearing weaves as a tool for human domination didn't just start today, It has been an age-long practice. For centuries, women have worn wigs or let say weaves as a tool to increase their appeal, you bet that was what Cleopatra wore when she rolled out of the carpet in front of Alexandra the Great.  Well, not to digress, getting a weave that would stand out and turn necks can be a daunting task because substandard weaves are allover the place. Well my sisters, fret not,  this article here to free your from the bondage of terrible weaves and bring you to the light


Spotting a great weave can take all sorts of techniques, but you can never leave out the test for texture. A great weave must be a weave that comes with great texture,silky smooth and very lush feel based on the type of weave it is made from, such as Peruvian, Brazilian, or Indian. The texture of a fine weave should feel like it is real and natural without any glossy or plastic feel, which is the texture of a synthetic hair.


When you want to purchase a quality weave, it is best to pay attention to the color chrome of the hair. A great weave is produced to have just natural colors except in cases where you are deciding to go all Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry in style. The weave is either dyed on request or pre-colored. It's essential to know that a naturally great weave will accept several highlights and colors based on the reflection of light. So look out for light reflection on the hair to determine it's quality.


Well, everyone should know that quality requires you parting away with some hard-earned cash. No one is going to sell you a quality wig for a rip off price. The price of the hair used on the wig is mostly a determinant for the cost of the wig, which would then show you if the wig is of good quality or not. Pay attention to other details of the hair to determine what kind of hair is being used for the wig before you decided on a purchase.


Imagine seeing a wig being combed, and it's shedding more than your dog does during spring. Well, the next thing for you to do is run, yes, run as fast as you can. Although authentic wigs shed a few strands when combed, a not-so-authentic wig would have the whole floor littered. The processing put into quality weaves has the weave well sealed to eradicate the possibility of shedding, which will lead to owners have a scanty wig.


The Burn test

Known as the most notorious and reliable way of spotting a great weave from the fakes. The burn test is one the best guarantee for identifying the authenticity of the hair. All that is needed is a single strand of the hair and a lighter. The simple step to take is to just light up the strand, and pay attention to the smell emanating from the hair. Fake hair smell 99 percent of the time like plastic, and they mostly curly up when burnt, which should be a pointer to reveal the quality of the hair.

Now that we have been able to see steps through which one can spot a great wig, it is also advisable to seek the help of a trusted stylist who can help you determine the right quality for your dollar. Hair they say is a woman tool of elevation from human to god-level, so it's paramount to always at all times have on a quality wig.

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