Raw Hair Extensions


Hair is the crown of a woman. Are you happy with your crown? I mean your natural hair type. Because we https://nikkismithhaircollection.com/ are here to make you happy with your crown so that you can stand proudly in the crowd. Some women enjoy their natural hair, but some enjoy the change. They prefer to change their hair color, hair style, hair texture after some time. We appreciate both types because the important thing is to Enjoy, in whatever way you want. The benefit of using Wigs is that woman can change their hairstyle, hair color, hair texture daily or after a few days without causing any damage to their original hair. Get a new look everyday with new extensions.

Hair Extensions and wigs are the easiest way to get a style you want quickly. But extensions have different types. And the best of all is Raw Hair extension.

Raw hair extensions are 100% pure, unprocessed, hair just like your natural hair. The hair strands cuticle of raw hair extensions is intact and hair is arranged in one direction. People prefer raw hair extensions because these extensions are chemical-free and you can style them just like your natural hair with heat styling, hair dye, etc.

Why raw hair extensions are better?

Silky and shiny:

Because raw hair extensions are made up of natural hair, so their texture is not damaged. It is just like your natural hair, silky, smooth, and shiny. You can use any oil, shampoo, or conditioner for them as you use for your natural hair.


Raw hair extensions are unprocessed, which means they are not chemically-treated. So it is safe to use chemical-free hair extensions rather than synthetic or processed hair extensions.

No frizz and tangling:

Synthetic and processed hair extensions get frizzy and tangled with time and you fail to style them, but raw hair extensions create no frizziness and tangling, and stay smooth all over the period.

Natural smooth texture:

The cuticle of hair strands of raw hair extensions is intact not damaged, that means the smooth layer of hair is not destroyed, that’s why raw hair extensions always have smooth and soft textured hair.


Processed and synthetic hair extensions are not long-lasting and get damaged with time, but raw hair extensions are long-lasting and you can use them as long as you want.

Versatile styling:

Raw hair extensions can be styled in any way. You can straighten, curl, or dye them without getting worried about the damage. Because raw hair can bear the heat and chemicals just like your natural hair, but if we use heat or chemicals on synthetic and processed extensions, they get damaged and not able to be used again.

Rock your natural look:

Raw hair extensions look super-natural and blend easily with your natural hair. Nobody can know the difference between your wig and natural hair. You can just deceive people with your Raw hair extensions. Whereas other kinds of wigs don’t blend with your natural hair and seems fake and separate from your natural hair.