Is Virgin Hair Better Than Raw Hair?

Is Virgin Hair Better Than Raw Hair?

Is Virgin Hair Better Than Raw Hair?


Don't worry; if you're new to the world of human hair extensions, it might be easy to become amazed by all the choices available. Many individuals may believe Raw Hair and Virgin Hair are the same, with no way to tell them apart. Let's dive into it and get to know about their differences. Nikki Smith is here to provide you with this helpful information.


Virgin hair and Raw Hair have different features. We hope that, after our comparison, you will be able to tell the difference between the two and select whichever one is best for your hairstyle needs.


Virgin Hair


Virgin Hair is a term used to describe hair that has not been dyed, permed, bleached, or chemically altered. The hair comes from a variety of donors and is purely human. There are no synthetic fibers in the hair, which means there are no halts or snags to worry about. The hair's cuticles are intact and moving in the same direction.


Process of Making Virgin Hair


To give it texture, the virgin hair has been steam processed to create more uniform curls or wave patterns. Aligning the cuticles is one factor that impacts curl pattern and volume. For example, a hair texture is the Body Wave. The curl formation process is accomplished utilizing steam. The "S" shape on the body wave from the hair weft to the hair tip is determined by how you achieve it.


The steam method is also used to produce textures such as Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Kinky Straight, Kinky Curls, Water Wave, Spanish Wave, and other popular textures. 


Characteristics of Virgin Hair


Virgin hair only includes human hair.
They are not dyed, permed, bleached, or exposed to harsh chemicals.
Virgin hair will last up to 2 years if properly maintained.
It has been steamed to create a more uniform curl or wave pattern.
Get it in any color you want.
Multiple donors.


Raw Hair


Unprocessed hair is known as "raw hair." It has never been chemically treated or subjected to heat or steam. It is generally gathered from a single donor, washed, conditioned, and sold to the end-user as clip-ins, wefts, tape-ins, tips, wigs, and various other types of hair in various styles.


Raw hair comes in its natural state, unlike Virgin Hair. It is the best quality human hair available. They look natural and are thicker bundles that may last up to 5 years. They just need proper care. The raw hair comes in three (3) hair textures: straight, wavy, and curly. Raw Hair is generally more costly than virgin hair.


Characteristics of Raw Hair


Only human hair.
The cuticles in raw hair are all lined up the same way.
Raw hair doesn't have a uniform curl or wave formations.
Costly than virgin hair.
These are the most premium quality hair.
No steam or chemical processing is used.
Single donor. 
Only natural hair textures like a natural wave, curly, and straight.
Raw hair lasts up to 5 years if properly maintained.
Available colors are black, browns, grays, red (rare), and blondes (rare).



There are many differences between Virgin Hair and Raw Hair, the most significant being how they are processed. Raw hair is unprocessed and comes from a single donor, whereas virgin hair has been steam-treated to create more uniform curls or wave patterns. Virgin hair lasts up to 2 years if properly maintained, while raw hair can last up to 5 years. In terms of cost, virgin hair is generally more expensive than raw hair. However, both hair types are excellent and can give you the desired look. It comes down to personal preference for which hair you choose.


The hair quality, particularly the texture, is determined by the donors, sourcing, and manufacturing. Perfect hair doesn't exist because Raw Hair and Virgin Hair can have inferior or higher quality. The hair you obtain is strongly influenced by the vendor and how the hair is procured and manufactured.


Nikki Smith's Virgin Hair has not gone through any chemical processing. But they were given steam to style hair such as Body Wave, Loose Wave, Kinky Straight, or Kinky Curly, and it has been streamed.

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