Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care

How Can You Take Care Of Your Luscious Locks In Winters?

As the temperature starts dropping down and the cold wind starts blowing, everyone starts craving hot chocolate and soups. However, all those winter winds can take a toll on your hair, in addition to the dry skin and flus. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that winter is always a dreaded period and tends to zap out moisture from scalp and hair, leading to dry scalp and frizzy hair. So, if the winter season is coming up in your area, let’s take a look at the ultimate hair care for your luscious locks!

Don’t Dodge Oiling

During these chilly winter months, it’s extremely important to massage your scalp and hair with good hair oil. Make it a habit to apply oil at least once or twice a week. This is because oils can nourish the hair roots and strengthen the hair follicles. Also, when you moisturize the scalp, the blood supply is promoted. Some of the best oils for winters include argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, jaborandi oil, and almond oil (do you know leaving oil overnight works the best?).

Frequent Conditioning

Babe, if you are a busy bee, it’s highly likely that you just storm out of the shower, and shampooing is the only agenda of your shower. Unfortunately, you have to change your ways in winters because conditioning is the ultimate hair savior. You can opt for deep conditioning hair conditioners as they moisturize the hair and protect the exterior layer of the hair. Not to forget, it results in shiny and smooth hair while taking away the frizz.

The Right Shampoo

If you are one of those ladies who just pick whichever shampoo from the supermarket aisle, you are in for some damage during the winter season. During the winter season, you have to shift to moisturizing shampoo because it hydrates the hair, removes the scalp building, and promises soft hair while promises zero tangling. On top of everything, it adds shine to your already luscious locks.

Change The Hair-Washing Technique

It’s needless to say that hair needs all the oil excreted by the scalp, especially during the wintery season. For this reason, you cannot opt for excessive shampooing because it can strip off the protective oils from your hair and make them prone to breakage. For this reason, you need to opt for a mild shampoo and only wash your hair once a week (if your scalp is too oily, wash your hair twice a week). Lastly, don’t use back-and-forth washing strokes as it will result in hair breakage and tangling!

Stay Light On Styling

It’s a no-brainer, baby!

This is because when you use too many styling tools, it will result in breakage, split ends, and hair damage. You need to limit the utilization of hair straighteners, iron rods, and blow dryers in your daily life. In addition, if you have to use some hair styling tools, don’t forget to use a heat-protection mask and serums!

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